Clear Carbon Interiors is the natural evolution of Clear Carbon and Components, as they are able to leverage their pedigree of creating high end, high performance luxury components.  This new venture into luxury furnishings, has been developed over the last year in collaboration with Design Catalyst designers Paolo Cardini and Peter Yeadon.  Design Catalyst is a design group affiliated with the Rhode Island School of Design. In addition to this new offering, Clear Carbon Interiors also embraces and develops custom commissions

The Black Flamingo is a high-performance chair inspired by the exotic elegance of a black flamingo, with its’ winged body and slender folding legs. The elegant folding chair requires no maintenance, is made of enduring materials with exclusive finishes, is light and comfortable with effortless folding and nesting ability, and is available for customization. The chair is also engineered to be free standing in the folded position like a black flamingo. It was created in in collaboration with two renowned designers, Paolo Cardini and Peter Yeadon.

The Crew Table is an elegant, yet sturdy, boardroom or dining table.  It is a collapsible/storable table suitable for any luxury setting.  Made of lightweight carbon fiber and epoxy with a luxurious clear finish, this table is clearly a step up from any other folding table on the market today.  It easily accommodates eight people for any high end indoor or outdoor occasion.

The Compass Bench is a versatile foldable/storable bench suitable for any luxury setting.  It is not only seating but is also the perfect height for a coffee table.  Made of lightweight carbon fiber and epoxy with a luxurious clear finish, this bench was originally designed for additional seating for a mega yacht and is suitable for any indoor or outdoor setting.  It accommodates two large adults and folds flat to be easily stowed.  Optional compass rose or yacht logo allows customization for a particular setting.