Composites World – Clear Carbon & Components Profile

Breaking barriers in process and complexity, this agile manufacturer is gaining renown as a composites problem solver and champion of Class A cosmetic surfaces. -Read more-

Composites World – Structural Work of Art

Naval architect, Eric Sponberg, recently worked with C3 on a freestanding, one-piece spiral staircase and stated in an article to Composites World that “the whole project went so smoothly and according to plan, and the shiny carbon surfaces you see as you walk up and down the stairs are exactly what the customer wanted and what we knew Clear Carbon could produce.”

The Piano Guys cellist Steve Sharp Nelson shows off his new Luis and Clark carbon cello on the ice at New York City’s Bryant Park.

Lindsey Stirling playing Luis & Clark violin manufactured by Clear Carbon in Radioactive – Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix (Imagine Dragons Cover)

Clear Carbon & Components featured in NY Times article about this sleek carbon stand-up paddleboard built at C3.

Composites Manufacturing Magazine featured C3’s diverse client base as a competitive advantage in its April 2009 issue.

Composites Manufacturing Magazine featured C3's diverse client base as a competetive advantage in its April 2009 issue.

Musical instruments made by Clear Carbon were recently featured in the Obama inauguration celebration. Please click on the link below to read some of the coverage of the events.

See us in action on YouTube! These two videos show how we make the Luis and Clark carbon fiber instruments.